CAMS - Critical Asset Management for those who need it

Sign up to CAMS or suggest improvements

If you’d like to sign up to CAMS to use the system to improve your climate resilience. Get in touch below to get the ball moving. Alternatively, if you have suggestions for how we can improve the functionality of CAMS, use the same form to have your say.

Suggest improvements or sign up to CAMS

If you’re suggesting improvement for CAMS, we really appreciate your feedback as everyone benefits from the shared experience. If you’re signing up to CAMS, welcome aboard, we hope to be able to make a difference in your climate resilience planning and response.

CAMS UI Preview
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CAMS for Dominica

Take a look at our demonstration for the Commonwealth of Dominica which walks you through three scenarios where CAMS can play a role in planning for and responding to extreme weather events.

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